Cramer Begs Trump for Help Against Heitkamp

It is not a good look for Kevin Cramer when Republican insiders leak to a conservative publication that he begged President Trump to help him more in his Senate race against Heitkamp. According to the right-leaning Washington Examiner, Cramer told the White House he was upset that the administration works with Heitkamp on major legislation. Cramer reportedly demanded a fundraiser or some sort of a big rally in North Dakota with the Trump. The plea appears desperate.

I’ll repeat something I asked following Cramer’s first political ad, doesn’t he have any accomplishments to show North Dakota voters? It appears he doesn’t believe his candidacy can stand on the merits of what he’s done with the six years he’s already had. First, he needed Harold Hamm for the money. Now, he needs Donald Trump for his narrowing popularity in the state.

Should Cramer be upset with Trump because he likes Heitkamp? After all, Cramer has been a rubber-stamp for nearly everything the administration wants. Last month, Cramer compared voting against Trump to cheating on your spouse. He has defended every position around every corner of the sometimes indefensible remarks. Following Trump’s Charlottesville comments, Cramer said he was exhausted by critics of the President. Hell, he just joined sixteen other Republican Congressman nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize! What more could Cramer do to get in Trump’s good graces?

The Trump administration has already been here to rally for Cramer. Vice President Mike Pence used an “educational” event to stump for him and bash Heitkamp. Begging for more in May leaves me wondering exactly how confident he is in this tight race against a “good woman.”

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