For Cramer it is Loyalty to Trump above what is best for North Dakota

The cringe-worthy comments continue for Congressman Kevin Cramer. It has been reported that during one of his “radio town halls” that Cramer compared voting for President Trump’s agenda only part of the time is like being faithful to your spouse only part of the time. There are some things to unpack from such a brash comment.

It would be too easy to point out the irony in Cramer using faithfulness to one’s spouse as an analogy for Donald Trump. So I’ll focus on the underlying reason Cramer made the statement. He believes loyalty to Trump is either above his responsibility to North Dakota or that they are one in the same. Either way, he is utterly wrong.

Here’s the good news about Donald Trump: Most of the time, he’s for North Dakota, and that’s my point where I’ve heard her say, ‘Gee, I voted with him 55% of the time. Can you imagine going home and telling your wife, ‘I’ve been faithful to you 55% of the time?’ Are you kidding me? Being wrong half the time is not a good answer. Congressman Kevin Cramer

Here are just a few times it was prudent to push back on President Trump, his policies, and his appointments. The appointment of Betsy Devos is a disaster. She should have never been confirmed to lead our nation’s schools and public education. Ask Senator John Hoeven about the heat he received for blindly supporting somebody so wholly unfit and unqualified for the job. She was appointed to by Trump. Would Cramer have supported Devos in the Senate?

President Trump’s budget, if fully enacted, would be devastating for rural America including North Dakota. Budgets show priorities, and Trump wasn’t prioritizing North Dakota. Deep cuts to USDA and it’s rural development. The $236 billion cut from Medicare over ten years and dramatic reduction to Medicaid would cripple rural hospitals and burden our most vulnerable North Dakotans. Would Cramer consider voting against Trump’s budget as is being unfaithful to the President?

The most recent example of President Trump being on the wrong side of North Dakota is the escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China. Ask a North Dakota soybean farmer how they felt the morning of April 4th when China announced a 25% tariff. It was a direct retaliation for Trump’s trade decisions. Cramer’s campaign took a stance in opposition to this escalation. 24 hours later he weakened his position and softened his tone towards Trump’s actions. Faithful to Trump even when it results in economic hardship for North Dakota farmers.

In his remarks, Cramer displays his eagerness to be obedient and subservient to President Donald Trump. It is loyalty to Trump over North Dakota. There has been and will continue to be times where President Trump is wrong about what is best for our state. In those moments, North Dakota deserves an independent thinker.

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