North Dakota Needs to Overhaul Spill Reporting

There is a troubling pattern in North Dakota when it comes to reporting and cleaning up spills and leaks of our natural resources. You’ve likely caught on to the routine yourself. A spill or leak occurs. It is discovered – sometimes by the landowner or farmer – and reported with an estimate of the volume […]

Explainer (Nov. 17-22)

It is this week’s Explainer. The top ND political news explained in minutes. Farm aid, Savanna’s Act, impeachment, and lunch are included.

North Dakota Farmers Deserve Answers on MFP Distribution and Trade Resolution

Recently, a report was published demonstrating the skewed payments in the MFP roll out. It turns out payments are disproportionately going to Southern states. It is important to ask why? North Dakota farmers deserve answers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear those in an official public position to get those answers are willing to live up to […]

A Chance to Eliminate Lunch Debt for North Dakota Students

The North Dakota Legacy Fund has passed $6 billion and legislators are hearing from the public about what should be done. One of the issues seemingly gaining support is creating a universal lunch program for North Dakota’s public schools. Dane DeKrey, the Advocacy Director of the ACLU of North Dakota explained the idea on “Afternoons […]

ND Explainer (Nov. 4 – 8)

The weekly ND Explainer is now available. The top ND political news for the week of November 4th explained in under two minutes.