Observations of a Self-described “Outsider”

North Dakota’s Lieutenant Governor wants you to believe she is an “outsider.” Just scroll on any website. The banner ads will tell you. Repeatedly. My question, can you really be considered an “outsider” when you likely had the insider information about your boss’s – the Governor of North Dakota – decision to not seek reelection?

The signs of inside information are everywhere. When Doug Burgum’s decision was announced, Tammy Miller had a spokesman respond to media inquires. Her spokesperson was Burgum’s spokesperson. The poll-tested, cliché-riddled political ads are a copy and paste of Doug Burgum’s initial campaign. The ads were produced and ready to air in a very short amount of time. Same voice over guy and everything.

Then, the endorsement which came as no surprise. Well, check that. It may be surprising for some to see how Burgum went from claiming he wouldn’t do business with Donald Trump to proudly declaring him “a conservative business leader” just like himself and Tammy. Burgum also wanted you to believe it is important to consider the company you keep as it will define you. It was the reason he wouldn’t do business with Trump. Now, Burgum is trying to make sure he is in every company photo opportunity.

Speaking of being in one’s company. Miller’s media-only campaign is by design. She can claim to be part of the MAGA crowd without ever having to step in the convention hall where they’re gathered. Maybe she took Burgum’s claims of company you keep defining you at face value. We’ll find out whether or not that MAGA base – which is now in control of the NDGOP – will see through the tactic or if the flood of money can buy North Dakota’s Governor’s office two administrations in a row.

Tyler Axness
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