Polling Intended to Build Up Kevin Cramer

I’ve had some readers tell me they have been called to take a poll over the last few days. Judging by the volume of people I know who have received the poll indicates it is a decent sample size. One of those individuals said, “it was obvious they were building up Kevin Cramer.” Apparently, the […]

Senator Hoeven Owes North Dakota an Explanation of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill

A lot of people thought the TrumpCare plan rushed through the U.S. House was going to be dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate. The plan, supported by Rep. Kevin Cramer, will push an additional 23 million Americans off of health insurance according to the nonpartisan CBO. Well, the effort to make massive changes to […]

Rep. Cramer Votes to Reduce Consumer Protection from Wall Street

While the James Comey hearing captured our attention yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the repeal of oversight for Wall Street institutions. Rep. Kevin Cramer has been a vocal proponent of the changes. The Financial Choice Act, as they’re calling it, would remove increased oversight of “Too big to fail” banks and diminish consumer […]

Wait, Willingness to Work With Other Party is Frowned Upon Now?

Did I miss something? When did it become frowned upon for a member of a political party to say simply being the party of “No!” wasn’t their job? Why is it surprising for someone in elected office to want to find common ground and get work done when possible, and push back when there is […]