About Us

About Tyler

  • Host of “Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness” on KFGO Radio
  • Former North Dakota State Senator (District 16)
  • Former Field Representative for U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan
  • Former Communications & Policy Coordinator for Non-profit
  • Small Business Owner
  • NDSU Alumnus

Welcome to ND xPlains

North Dakota politics. Plain. Simple. Direct. My name is Tyler Axness, Creator and Writer of ND xPlains. As a former North Dakota State Senator, we will be able to provide a unique perspective on current topics and breaking news, dive into the back-room conversations taking place by decision makers, and elevate your voice on the plains. Through collaboration with trusted colleagues in-state and other sources nationally, we will provide up-to-date content I hope you will trust, enjoy, and share.

ND xPlains will be a place where people can come for the “rest” of the story. We will fill the current void of moderate views in the media. Make no mistake; we will have strong opinions, but we will be fair. It is no secret I am a former Democratic-NPL member, but I will not shy away from pointing out their mistakes. We will also shine a light on absurd political stances, comments, and maneuvers made by officials, agencies, organizations, along with other media outlets. We want to leave you asking questions about what is taking place in our state and nation and to think of how we can potentially do better.

Ultimately, this site is about transparency and accountability for all sides in the arena. We give a damn and we’re doing something about it. Those stories and events that have long gone unnoticed or unreported will come to light. The narrative created by a void of an independent perspective will be challenged. If you’re tired of having the same thinly stretched slant thrown at you and are looking for other voices, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s talk ND politics, plain and simple.


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