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About Tyler:

  • Host of KFGO’s “Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness
  • Former North Dakota State Senator (District 16)
  • Former Field Representative for U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan
  • Small Business Owner

Welcome to ND xPlains

For 3 years NDx has explained ND politics. We’ve broke news, other media followed, and we’ve asked questions nobody else would. We gave a damn and, while some caught hell, we made a difference. I want to thank those of you who engaged, interacted, and shared the stories that mattered to you.

If you’ve just discovered us – I want to welcome you to the NDx community. I hope you will find the coverage and conversations engaging. I look forward to getting to know you and what issues you find important.

So what is NDx? Simply put, we are media platform that talks about ND politics. Plain. Simple. Direct. What sets it apart? We give a damn and we do something about it.

If you have found us, most likely you care too.

NDx hopes to provide a platform for the moderate majority. Make no mistake; we will have strong opinions, but we will be fair. We will also shine a light on absurd political stances, comments, and maneuvers made by officials, agencies, organizations, along with other media outlets. We want to leave you asking questions about what is taking place in our state and nation and to think of how we can potentially do better.

Ultimately, this site is about transparency and accountability for those involved in ND politics. Those stories and events that have long gone unnoticed or unreported will come to light. NDx will discuss the stories that shape the state.

Now, let’s talk ND politics, plain and simple.


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