Who is Hiding What?

Throughout the morning, North Dakota’s lone Congressman Kevin Cramer was stumbling, mumbling, and bumbling over his words when trying to convince the public last night’s surprise vote by Congressional Republicans to “gut the independent ethics office” was a good move. Cramer did not hide the fact he supported the move during the voice vote. We can appreciate his honesty.

During his boast about joining fellow GOP members in going against leadership, Cramer declared they would not break under political pressure. Such a rebel. By mid-afternoon, those GOP members broke under political pressure. They have reversed course and decided against removing the independent oversight of ethical concerns. 

The political pressure wasn’t simply partisan politics either. Even President-elect Donald Trump, the man Congressman Cramer said “changed his life,” thought it was a bad idea. During this time of heightened partisan politics in America, it isn’t often we find a unified front against an idea. This goes to show how bad it truly must have been.

The question remains; who was trying to hide what? And why was Congressman Kevin Cramer such a big supporter of it?

Tyler Axness
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