Congressman Cramer Gets Chance to Grill Media

Yesterday, November 30th, it was revealed Congressman Kevin Cramer would have a seat on the House Steering Committee. No doubt, this is an important committee to serve on especially from a “small state” like North Dakota. In expressing his excitement, Congressman Cramer said,

“This will give me a greater voice in shaping the legislative agenda in the next session of Congress…”

Donald Trump & Kevin Cramer

Donald Trump & Kevin Cramer


I’m sure Congressman Cramer is eager to tackle the pressing issues of the day like his intent to “hold a hearing to explore network media bias in coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.” expressed in his letter to network executives. Now granted, this letter was sent before President-elect Trump’s election victory so perhaps the Congressman has had a change of heart. Nevertheless, I’ll be glued to the session schedule eager to see the hearing date of this vitally important subject.

Read the Congressman’s full letter to network executives.

Look, I have my gripe about the national media also. For example, I don’t believe a slight shift in public opinion polling should be “Breaking News,” and it damn sure better not be the lead story on our nightly news. I guess if anything, after this election we learned just how flawed our current methods of polling can be. I also don’t appreciate when reports come out about deals from candidates or politicians and the media doesn’t provide any details about the specifics like the Trump-Carrier announcement yesterday. But, for the lone Congressman from North Dakota to spend the few days Congress actually decides to work and taxpayer dollars on a wild goose chase is absurd. Rather than fighting the “mainstream media” as has become trendy in his political ilk, we’d prefer our Congressman fighting for a strong farm bill, fighting to make sure our veterans are housed and employed, or fighting the opioid crisis killing too many North Dakotans.

UPDATE: Since originally posting, details on the Trump-Carrier deal have slowly been revealed.

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