A Pattern Emerges. Cramer “Complained Bitterly to the White House” According to Latest Report

As we learn more about Congressman Kevin Cramer’s behind the scenes approach to the White House, we get a more clear glimpse to his level of confidence. Last week, it was revealed Cramer called the political director at the White House and begged for more help from President Trump. I shared my take at the time. This morning, Politico reported on the GOP – including Cramer – sweating over Trump’s working relationship with Heitkamp. In it, a pattern emerged.

“After Cramer learned last year that Heitkamp would be accompanying the president on Air Force One to North Dakota, he complained bitterly to the White House, according to two people with direct knowledge of the discussions,” Politico reports. Cramer wasn’t a candidate for the Senate during this time. He was flirting with the idea, but wouldn’t jump in. Because of Cramer’s partisanship, he simply didn’t want North Dakota’s Democratic Senator flying with the Republican President of the United States to her home state for a speech. After all, he would want to use it on a potential Senate run if it were he alone on the flight.

Fast forward to May of 2018, Cramer who is now a candidate for the Senate is reported to be, “frustrated they [the Trump Administration] are sweet-talking Heitkamp for her votes.” That blind partisanship appears to be frowning at bipartisan efforts from Heitkamp and the White House to enact legislation. It certainly doesn’t bode well for the misleading claims coming from Cramer’s camp that Heitkamp is a Schumer lackey. That won’t stop them from attempting to make that claim repeatedly in the months ahead.

Days after the call between Cramer and the administration, Heitkamp was invited to the White House for a bill signing. She was invited because she was a cosponsor of the bill. Accomplishments get you shout outs and photos to commemorate the job done. It has been humorous to watch the spin and projection from partisan pundits onto Heitkamp over this basic bill signing ceremony.

The constant complaining Cramer has unleashed upon the White House and President Trump demonstrates to me he lacks the confidence in his own accomplishments. Begging others to do more for you rather than pulling up those bootstraps and taking on the work yourself runs against North Dakota values. In politics, it reeks of desperation.

Here is the thing, Trump will come to North Dakota and Trump will hold a rally or a fundraiser for Cramer. Arrangements are likely already being made. He’ll then be able to run ads touting how much Trump “needs” him. However, right now it is abundantly clear Cramer needs Trump.

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