North Dakota’s Delegation Must Demand Acosta’s Resignation

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein over the weekend has renewed the severe and warranted criticism of President Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Acosta was involved in a plea deal with Epstein – deemed illegal from a federal judge – for Epstein’s federal child sex trafficking crimes. New documents in a New York case against Epstein, “could show the extent to which Acosta was not forthcoming about Epstein’s crimes, according to a former [Trump] administration official.” North Dakota’s Republican delegation must demand Acosta’s resignation.

The charges handled in Florida reportedly could have sent Epstein to prison for life. Instead, prosecutors reached an unusual plea deal. It was reported Acosta agreed to keep the deal secret from Epstein’s victims at that time.

Instead of being prosecuted for federal child sex trafficking crimes that could have sent him to prison for life, Epstein was inexplicably given federal immunity under an unusual agreement approved by then-Miami U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta. – Julie Brown, Miami Herald Reporter (March 14, 2019)

The above quote was from a March 14th article in the Miami Herald. Julie Brown has been the investigative reporter keeping the spotlight on the Epstein case, his victims, and enablers. Today, law enforcement pointed to her work as being instrumental in Epstein’s arrest. Let’s take a moment to publish this reminder: journalism is important.

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One week after Brown’s public report, North Dakota’s Senator Kevin Cramer invited Acosta to North Dakota. The events in ND were closed to the press. Cramer must have known the situation and the severe public criticism his guest was facing nationally. Perhaps that is why the press wasn’t allowed in to ask questions. I wrote about it the day Acosta was in ND and wondered if Cramer paused because of the warranted criticism before moving forward with the Acosta roundtables.

Epstein now faces a 45-year sentence for child sex-trafficking from Manhattan prosecutors. He is charged with one count of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors.” The question remains why it appears Acosta agreed to give Epstein such leniency in the first place.

The new developments in the Epstein case are appalling. The man who agreed to a covert, illegal deal was Alex Acosta, President Trump’s Labor Secretary. Epstein’s victims and the public deserve answers. North Dakota should demand Senators Kevin Cramer, John Hoeven, and Congressman Kelly Armstrong get those answers along with a resignation of Alex Acosta.

Tyler Axness