AUDIO: What The Hell Is Happening?

It seems more often people look at the news and ask, “what the hell is happening?” As a radio talk show host, I’ve fielded a lot of messages wondering how we got to this point in our politics. Is the anger and resentment new? Did this happen overnight? Will we – as Americans – come together in the near future and unify? Those consistent questions have led me to want to host a thoughtful discussion about these shared concerns in a way that transcends political divides and one that informs. With that in mind, I reached out to Jason Mathews.

Jason Matthews is a Public Affairs Consultant, an adjunct political science Instructor at Bismarck State College, and an Instructor for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Mathews recently instructed a class about how our politics have evolved to its current state. He joined me on my 790AM KFGO show, “Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness” to discuss how we got to this current political climate.

(AUDIO) Jason Matthews, How Did We Get to This Political Climate?

The below audio is the beginning of a long conversation that will be continued on “Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness.” What are your thoughts? How did we get to this point in American politics?

What the hell is happening?

Tyler Axness is a talk show host on the Mighty 790 KFGO in Fargo-Moorhead. His program, “Afternoons Live,” can be heard weekdays from 2 – 4 p.m. Axness is also the creator and writer of @ NDxPlains , a blog dedicated to transparency and accountability in North Dakota politics. Follow Tyler on Twitter @TylerAxnessKFGO

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