Cramer Continues to Crave Credit for Lifting Oil Export Ban

During the 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate, NDx pressed candidate Kevin Cramer to start talking about his accomplishments in ads. After all, accomplishments matter. At least, they used to. Cramer’s campaign was focused almost solely on attacking his opponent, Heidi Heitkamp at the time. Perhaps they couldn’t find many accomplishments of his own to promote. In September of 2018, an effort by the campaign was made. The problem being Cramer attempted to take credit for something Heitkamp was recognized as having been a crucial figure. She led the charge in lifting the oil export ban. Over a year later, Cramer is still trying to claim responsibility. Don’t be fooled.

You’re probably wondering, why revisit this history? The election is over. According to a recent report in the Washington Post, “After years of relying on other countries for petroleum, the United States just reached a new energy-producing milestone by notching its first month in at least 70 years exporting more crude oil and petroleum products than it imported per day.” The reporting of this milestone prompted an unwarranted self-congratulatory tweet from Senator Kevin Cramer.

It is interesting Cramer would continue to try and convince people lifting the oil export ban was somehow his accomplishment while members of his own party praised Heitkamp. In fact, the Republican Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee where Cramer served even praised Heitkamp. Had he worked as hard as he claims, you’d think his Chairman focused on the issue would have at least thrown him a bone.

Coincidentally, within the same 24-hour news cycle something happened Cramer can legitimately claim credit for. It appears he helped strong-arm a federal agency into giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to one of his campaign donor’s businesses. Drain the swamp. Build the wall. etc. etc.

The news on oil exports? Good for North Dakota. The credit Cramer craves? Not deserving nor earned. There is a reason you likely won’t find others thanking him for this milestone. Looking for someone to thank? Join Congressional Republicans and thank Heidi Heitkamp.

Tyler Axness
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