Cramer Praises Perdue for “Truthfulness” About Small Family Farms

Last year, Kevin Cramer questioned the “pain threshold” of family farmers who are feeling the negative impacts of the ongoing trade war with China. He then accused those raising the concerns – including farmers themselves – of creating a “hysteria” over the real-world consequences of the agriculture economy under specific trade policies. Recently, Cramer praised U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue’s “truthfulness” when Perdue said, “the big get bigger and the small go out.” Does Cramer even understand the plight of family farmers?

While Cramer praised Perdue for his “truthfulness” in saying smaller farms – specifically smaller dairy farms – won’t make it, others criticized his pessimistic view on the future of family farmers. At least, Senator Hoeven and Congressman Armstrong talked about policies they support that may help in the current struggle on the farm. They recognized there is a role for them in Congress. Cramer believes farmers just need some tough love, straight talk, and a higher pain threshold. No wonder there has been chatter out there over the years that Cramer doesn’t fully appreciate family farmers.

There is great integrity in Secretary Perdue’s truthfulness. Being told what you want to hear leads only to temporary satisfaction. – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer

I’m curious how Cramer can balance his belief that only big farming operations will make it with telling FOX Business, “This President has been very good for Agriculture.” Family farms being pushed out of business is not good for agriculture, North Dakota, nor the country. Perhaps Cramer doesn’t get the current reality on the family farm. Worse, he might not care. He has dodged farm debates, refused to be on an agricultural committee, and hasn’t personally met with certain farm groups while they’re in Washington according to first-hand reports.

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The ‘get big or get out’ business philosophy hasn’t worked” as the Minnesota Farmers Union President stated. Residents in the Peace Garden State agree. North Dakotans themselves have soundly rejected larger corporate farms. We believe in family farms. They’re the lifeblood of our economy. It is unfortunate voters chose to elect a Senator who doesn’t uphold family farming values.

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