AUDIO: “We’re in the Midst of a Realignment.”

America is at a crossroads. Multiple forces driving our politics appear to be coming to a head in the 2020 general election. Social anxieties competing with economic concerns. Frustrations fueling populist backlash. Attacks on our democratic norms. What the hell is happening? When did it start?

Jason Matthews is a Public Affairs Consultant, an adjunct political science Instructor at Bismarck State College, and an Instructor for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Mathews recently instructed a class about how our politics have evolved to its current state. He joined me on my 790AM KFGO show, “Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness” to discuss how we got to this current political climate. The below audio is part two the ongoing series you can hear on KFGO. Listen to part 1 here. 

We replaced the cold war with the Soviet Union with a cold civil war when it comes to our politics in America today.

-Jason Mathews, Public Affairs Consultant. (8/9/2019)


Mathews traces some of our conflicts back to the 1960s and 70s and how it has impacted the American psyche in 2019. We also discussed how the Democratic primary is showing a division in the party and member priorities. It isn’t just the Democratic party, but the country as a whole. “We’re in the midst of a realignment,” Mathews explained.


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