Heitkamp Endorsed by National Border Patrol Council

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) has endorsed Senator Heidi Heitkamp in her bid for re-election against Congressman Kevin Cramer. In 2016, the NBPC had endorsed candidate Donald Trump for President. This latest endorsement seems to discredit the coordinated effort from Cramer’s campaign and his allies to paint Heitkamp as weak on border security and immigration policy.

Over the last month, North Dakotans have seen an increase of campaign ads focused on immigration policy. One Nation, a conservative PAC, is flooding airwaves with ads attacking Heitkamp over immigration. Cramer’s latest ad focuses on “sanctuary cities.” All of it in an effort group Heitkamp with national Democratic figures. It doesn’t seem to hold much water given those publicly supporting Heitkamp.

First, Arland Rasmussen a former Police Chief and Deputy Sheriff endorsed Heitkamp and pushed back on Cramer’s immigration claims. Rasmussen voted for Trump. Now, a council that supports border patrol agents have also endorsed her. They also endorsed Trump. That is two instances of people tasked with maintaining law and order, who endorsed Trump for President, siding with Heitkamp over Cramer.

Will voters hold these non-partisan in nature endorsements to a higher standard than ideological Political Action Committees and partisan campaign talking points crafted in Washington? Time will tell. At the very least, it should cause them to question the authenticity of accusations in advertisements based on immigration and border security.

Tyler Axness
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