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Congressman Cramer Gets Chance to Grill Media

Yesterday, November 30th, it was revealed Congressman Kevin Cramer would have a seat on the House Steering Committee. No doubt, this is an important committee to serve on especially from a “small state” like North Dakota. In expressing his excitement, Congressman Cramer said, “This will give me a greater voice in shaping the legislative agenda in the next […]

Winners and Losers from the 2016 ND Election

  The biggest winner is House Majority Leader Al Carlson. Carlson already carried a big stick leaving many in his party trembling at the mere thought of disagreeing with him. Cross Carlson in the House and you’ll be removed from whatever committee you’re on and placed in another less desirable one. Ask former Rep. Kathy Hawken who was […]

Why ND xPlains? Why Now? An Introduction.

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to bring the North Dakota Capitol to life. To do so I’d communicate about what was going on in committee rooms, on the respective chamber floors, and behind the brass rails where a lot of the decisions are actually made. I wanted to share with you what it […]