A lot of us talk about inflation and how it’s been impacting our bank accounts. The inflation rate has been setting records. Bread, milk, parts, nearly everything has gone up. But you already know that. People have admitted there are things needed to be done. Republicans and Democrats. Yet in Washington, only one of those parties showed up for their shift this week.

There are “tools in our toolbox” we can use to fight inflation. One of those tools is the Federal Reserve. However, when you have one – or in this case twelve – people with their hands on that tool to help pull a project along not show up for work, the job won’t get done.

The Banking and Housing Committee members in the U.S. Senate are tasked with considering President Biden’s Federal Reserve nominees. That was their agenda on February 15th. Unfortunately, the committee couldn’t do their job because not enough people showed up for work. Every Republican member on the committee skipped their shift.

One of those who skipped their shift was ND Senator Kevin Cramer. Unsurprisingly, Cramer hasn’t skipped out on an opportunity for a television spot or a snarky tweet to talk about inflation. Apparently, he just decided to hell with it. He was going to mindlessly follow his GOP colleagues and prevent the committee from doing any part of their job. It isn’t like he would be fired for missing his shift like an average North Dakotan. Burn it down for better political attacks on Biden’s administration. Meanwhile, you’re paying for it. Literally.

Republicans in Congress talk about inflation day after day. Rightfully so. It’s a problem we need to address.

However, if you’re going to bitch about inflation while having a role to address it through your vote in elected office, and then not show up, it means you’re more into theatrics than policy. It’s partisan and it’s pitiful.

Kevin Cramer is sabotaging the work needed to help North Dakotans. He has admitted inflation has gone up more than seven percent in North Dakota. He acknowledges there’s a problem, claims it is because of policies, and then, when there is a chance for him – as a policymaker – to have a say on policies to help alleviate what people are paying at the grocery store, he didn’t show up.

Kevin Cramer skipped his shift. His words will continue to mean nothing until he does punches back into work.

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