Multiple North Dakota lobbying groups have asked the Delayed Bills Committees to keep next week’s special session focused on redistricting and allocating the federal funds from the American Rescue Plan. The letter is in response to the dozens of bills offered by legislators that would distract from the session’s original intent. Good on these groups for standing up.

The letter, found below, was submitted by the Greater North Dakota Chamber. The GNDC was joined by over thirty other organizations. In their letter they argue, “The vast majority of the bills before you for consideration of introduction require a far more robust public process for review and debate than that which may be offered during the condensed special session before the Legislature.” They’re right.

The approval of new district lines will be contentious enough. A few lawmakers have already demonstrated they’ll fight for their own self-interest in keeping their seat. Add into the mix the need to appropriate $1 billion in federal funding and lawmakers will have their work cut out for them. As requested, the delayed bills committees need to keep the distractions out of this special session.

Tyler Axness
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