Congressman Kelly Armstrong has been selected by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on the select committee to investigate the insurrection on Jan. 6th. The appointment comes two months after Armstrong voted against establishing a bipartisan select committee to get to the bottom of the attack that day. Speaker Pelosi will now weigh his appointment.

Of the five GOP members offered by McCarthy, Armstrong is one of the two who correctly voted to certify Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. Biden also won the popular vote by approximately seven million votes. Legitimate audits and dozens of court cases have verified these facts regardless of what pillow pushers claim. That vote – based in reality – may lend Armstrong enough favor while Pelosi decides whether or not to accept these potential members.

Questions remain. If accepted to the committee, will Armstrong go wherever the facts lead? Or will he follow in the footsteps of fellow potential appointee Jim Jordan?

Armstrong promised he’d come back to North Dakota and “talk some hard truths following the events of that day and the subsequent second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Armstrong made that promise while explaining why he would vote against impeachment. He may very well end up with a front-row seat to uncover some of those truths if he chooses to live up to his word.

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