Hedge fund managers and Wall Street were exposed this week after a subreddit group pooled investments for GameStop, AMC, and a variety of other companies. The little guys took on Wall Street and won. For a moment anyway. Many of the applications that marketed themselves as means for the “average joe” to invest barred investors from buying and selling select stocks with their own money. Apparently, the rules are different for big hedge fund managers and those of us that work on main street. The episode outraged people on all sides of the political spectrum and was the first real “unifying” moment of 2021.

Congress is still maneuvering another covid 19 relief package. It seems more likely “reconciliation” will be used to get the proposal passed and signed by President Biden. With variants being discovered, it is a race against the clock for both people’s health and the economy.

Lastly, the in-fighting in the GOP continues to take shape. More of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past conspiracy theories and behaviors are coming to light. Will there be any accountability in Congress? Rep. Matt Gaetz flew to Wyoming to rally against Rep. Liz Cheney. Which course will lead the GOP?

That and more on “What the Hell Happened This Week?”

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