North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has joined a lawsuit to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. The lawsuit originating in Texas takes aim at the election outcomes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Joe Biden won every single one of those states. These elected Republican Attorneys General hope the US Supreme Court will invalidate votes and in doing so are setting a terrible precedent for future elections.

This is the second lawsuit the Texas AG, Ken Paxton, has started that Stenehjem has eagerly joined. The first was to strip away healthcare from millions of Americans by overturning the Affordable Care Act. The second is to strip away the foundation of our democracy by overturning the presidential election.

Stenehjem isn’t alone in ND cheering on this last-ditch desperate attempt to overturn the legitimate outcome of the 2020 election. Sit down for this. Much like Kevin Cramer celebrated Wayne’s entrance into throwing out people’s health insurance, he is excited about Stenehjem’s decision to try and overturn the election.

Meanwhile, the senior Republican Senator from Texas – where this frivolous lawsuit originated – questioned the “legal theory” behind this blatantly partisan move. John Cornyn wondered why a state – in this case, his state – would have any say on how another state handles their elections. After all, states administer elections. Conservative Cornyn is correct and are simply saying what people like Cramer already know. You could say in this moment Cornyn has more political courage than Cramer.

Let me be direct, people like Stenehjem and Cramer want judges – not voters – to decide our elections and democratic processes. At least in 2020, in other states, and only the ones where the Democrat won. How patriotic of them. They are begging for federal intervention into state-run elections. How conservative of them. In doing so, they are lying to their constituents and damaging our institutions from elected office. How weak of them.

Tyler Axness
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