New Features. New Voices. Same Important Content.

For a little over 3 years NDx has explained ND politics. We broke news, other media followed, and we asked questions it seemed nobody else would. Some of that work led to better outcomes in public policy. And though we may not have always agreed, I want to thank those of you who interacted and shared the stories that mattered to you.

If you’ve just discovered us – I want to welcome you to the NDx community. I hope you will find the coverage and conversations engaging. I look forward to getting to know you in what is sure to be an interesting 2020 election.

Speaking of 2020, some exciting changes are happening at NDx in the coming days and weeks. Watch for new features and new voices – but some of the same important content. New video xPlainers and the return of “Happy Hour in the Heartland” podcasts are just a couple of features to watch for. You may have noticed other media outlets are reducing their coverage. At NDx we’re looking to grow in the type of content covered and how it is delivered to you. The stories that shape our state can be found right here.

So what is NDxPlains? Simply put, we are multimedia platform that talks about ND politics. Plain. Simple. Direct. We shine a light on how things have been decided in public policy, hold officials accountable, and hope to find a better way forward.

More specifically, while politics has become more hostile and divided, NDx looks to provide a platform for the moderate majority. Those that can debate policy and right vs wrong. In 2020, silence isn’t allowed. We’re finding new ways to engage and elevate your voice on the plains.

What sets us apart? We give a damn and we do something about it.

If you have found us, most likely you care too.

I invite you to join the NDx community by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Watch for those new features on each platform and don’t forget to join the conversation by subscribing to our newsletter.

Lets talk about ND politics and the stories that shape our state. Plain and simple.

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