Why Does Trump Get a Pass?

Did you ever think you’d see the day when a headline read, “Pornstar sues President”? Well, that day is upon us. Yes, it is surreal but it is our reality in 2018. What is as perplexing as the headline is people’s reaction to it. Specifically, those of President Trump’s party who are members of Congress. Why are they giving him a pass?

Nearly every day there seems to be a new scandal in this administration. Whether it is ethical violations among staff, rapid departures, or yes, being sued by a former pornstar, the chaos is undeniable. The President claims he loves chaos, but it’s no way to run government, nor lead a country, or be a role model. Members of Congress know this, yet they do nothing.

Not only are they doing nothing as a check-and-balance, they’re rarely saying anything about these scandals. Take North Dakota’s Senator John Hoeven for example. He was asked for comment by a reporter from the Washington Post about the latest scandal involving the President of the United States and his alleged affair including hush-money with a pornstar. Hoeven simply smiled and attempted to change the subject.

It is as though Congressional Republicans are hoping that if they just ignore these mounting scandals they’ll simply go away. They won’t. I completely understand wanting to stay focused on the issues facing this country. I want that just as much as anybody. But, this is not normal. Doesn’t Congress want to get to the bottom of some of these and find out what their implications could be on the head of the co-equal branch of government? Or is that only a concern when it is a member of the opposite party?

Silence is complicity. They own this chaos because they enable it. In addition, the moral superiority argument used by these same Republican candidates during elections is now forfeit. I’ll be watching as the 2018 cycle kicks into high gear to see whether or not those who are clamoring to be closest to Trump also claim to hold the high ground.

Tyler Axness
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