Celebrating Three Years of Publication

We know three things. First, North Dakota is a great place to live. Second, we know it takes hard work to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy what we have. And, third, we know there are some who aren’t focused on the future – they’re only focused on themselves.

This has always been the case. And that’s why they need to be held accountable. Unfortunately that’s become harder than ever. Which is why – now more than ever – we need ND xPlains.

The mission is simple: Hold state leaders accountable and keep the public informed.

Put another way: ND xPlains gives a damn.

Three years ago on December 6th, I created ND xPlains. During my time in the North Dakota Senate, I could see there were important issues that were not being covered in the news. Yet these issues impacted our way of life. What was worse, there were leaders who prefer you didn’t know about those issues.

Three years later, ND xPlains has experienced a rapid rise and we’re making an impact by creating the transparency our neighbors deserve. We’ve broken news that others in the media have followed. We’ve shined the light in darkened corners of policy making, asked questions no one else was asking, and forced leaders to account for their actions. And we’re now a go-to source for national journalists interested in North Dakota.

We gave a damn and, while some caught hell, we’ve made a difference.

I’m grateful for your viewership, feedback, story leads, and the fact that you also give a damn. Let’s do something about it together. If you’ve enjoyed the work of this platform and want to see it continue to grow, consider making a financial contribution.

Help us continue to grow, cover more in-depth stories, break news quickly, and expand our capabilities. Every dollar will go towards creating a more robust conversation about North Dakota politics.


Thank you for trusting ND xPlains,

Tyler Axness
Creator & Writer
ND xPlains

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