Armstrong Absent on Tariff Talk and Proposed Farm Subsidy Payment

With another round of tariffs directly impacting agriculture and a second farm subsidy payment in the works, you’d think North Dakota’s lone Congressman would have a statement or a position on the matter and what they’re doing in Washington. After all, agriculture is the top industry in the state. Instead, North Dakota farmers have gotten nothing but silence from Kelly Armstrong.

It was no secret agriculture wasn’t the priority for Armstrong in the midterm election. During the campaign, it was reported in the Cook Political Report that farm groups had concerns with Armstrong. “Privately, several prominent farm groups complain Armstrong doesn’t seem to grasp their issues.I wrote about that report last July. In Congress, it appears he hasn’t proven farmers wrong in their complaints.

Do North Dakota farmers notice Armstrong’s absence? Did they just concede their lone voice in the US House of Representatives? It isn’t too much for farmers to expect to hear from their representative about what they’re doing to try and resolve a situation in which time is of the essence. Will this silence in an uncertain time force them to look elsewhere to reclaim their voice?

Tyler Axness
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