31 Senators Approve Creating Barriers to Citizen Led Constitutional Measures

What I’ve described as the most blatant, arrogant attempt by legislators to create additional barriers to voters’ power at the ballot box passed the ND Senate 31-16 on Presidents’ Day. Final passage in the Senate came after a unanimous 7-0 DO NOT PASS recommendation from the Government and Veterans Affairs committee. The resolution now heads over to the House where animosity toward citizens’s decision at the ballot box is also on full display. For an example, consider the appointment of Rep. Jim Kasper to the House Ethics Committee.

SCR 4001 as amended adds additional barriers to citizen-led Constitutional measures. The process approved by 31 Republican Senators would give the Legislature the power to say whether or not they approve of the citizen’s vote. If the Legislature deems the public knowledgeable on their measure vote, they would allow it to become law. If lawmakers deem the citizens were too dumb and voters didn’t know what they were doing at the ballot box, the Legislature can reject the measure. Under the amended 4001, the measure would then need to be voted on a second time by the citizens.


Cumbersome. Unnecessary. Arrogant. Those are just some of the words that can be used to describe SCR 4001. Yet, 31 Republican State Senators believe they’re smarter than you. They don’t believe this process is a burden to citizen petitioners. Lawmakers think it is necessary so voters can just wise up over the four years this process would make citizens undertake. At the same time, they believe you’re wise enough to keep voting them into office. Legislators want you to have second thoughts on your measure vote. I’m curious if any voters have second thoughts on electing these same politicians to office?

Below is a list of the 31 Republican Senators who believe they’re smarter than you. You can find their contact information by clicking their name. Feel free to contact them by phone or email. You can judge for yourself whether you think their assessment of being above you is accurate.


Howard Anderson
Brad Bekkedahl
Randy Burckhard
David Clemens
Dwight Cook
Dick Dever (COSPONSOR)
Michael Dwyer
Robert Erbele
Robert Fors
David Hogue (SPONSOR)
Ray Holmberg
Jordan Kannianen
Jerry Klein 
Karen Krebsbach
Curt Kreun
Oley Larsen
Diane Larson
Judy Lee
Larry Luick
Janne Myrdal
Dave Oehlke
Arne Osland
Dale Patten
Jim Roers
David Rust
Donald Schaible
Ronald Sorvaag
Shawn Vedaa
Terry Wanzek
Rich Wardner

EDIT: Headline originally stated “Initiated Measures.” It has been corrected to “Constitutional Measures”

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