Schneider Reportedly Raised Over $40,000 in First 48 Hours of Campaign

According to someone close to the campaign, Mac Schneider raised over $40,000 in the first 48 hours of his campaign. Schneider officially announced his candidacy on Tuesday with rallies in Grand Forks, Fargo, and Bismarck. I reached out to Schneider who confirmed the total.

“I’m humbled by the financial support, but my focus right now is on building support among delegates as we approach the convention,” Schneider told me. He faces State Senator John Grabinger and former Rep. Ben Hanson at next weeks convention. It sounds like the contest for the House nomination will be held on Saturday.

The ability to raise quick cash will be important this year in North Dakota. With rumors that the U.S. Senate race between Heitkamp and Cramer will spend over $20 million, people will likely get burned out with political advertising as the campaigns wage on. Thus, candidates in races other than the Senate will likely need to get their message out early and keep it up long enough to stick before people turn it off later in the year.

According to Ben Hanson’s latest report with the FEC, he has raised $114,657 between August and December of 2017. He had $46,673 cash-on-hand at the time of his report. I reached out to John Grabinger and will update when information becomes available.

The race for the nomination is heating up. Delegates I’ve talked to are excited about the contest. I’ll provide an update on what they’re saying soon.

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