Senator Hoeven Owes North Dakota an Explanation of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill

A lot of people thought the TrumpCare plan rushed through the U.S. House was going to be dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate. The plan, supported by Rep. Kevin Cramer, will push an additional 23 million Americans off of health insurance according to the nonpartisan CBO. Well, the effort to make massive changes to private health insurance and Medicaid coverage is potentially moving forward. A group of GOP Senators has been holding working meetings away from the public on health care reform. According to reports, they may wrap up their final bill this evening. Here is the kicker: Senate Republicans have no plans of letting the public see their changes. 

Why on Earth do our elected officials think it is somehow okay to make significant changes to something we all rely upon – like health care access – and keeping us in the dark? That is a question U.S. Senator John Hoeven needs to answer. Recently, people around North Dakota have asked, “Where is Hoeven?” They are not only referring to his silence on the health care overhaul, but also to the fact he has not held a town hall to interact with his employers, North Dakota citizens.

Here are a few more questions Senator John Hoeven should answer for us in regards to their health care plan:

  1. If the Senate health care plan forces an estimated 23 million Americans off of health insurance, will you vote for it?
  2. If the Senate health care plan raises premiums on older Americans, will you vote for it?
  3. Your colleague, Senator Bill Cassidy, estimates North Dakota would see a 400% increase needed in state dollars to fund Medicaid Expansion. Do you support pushing that burden onto the State of North Dakota?
  4. Will you vote for a bill if it makes insurance more expensive for 8 million veterans?
  5. You always talk about “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” If the Senate health care plan makes it more difficult for Americans to retain health insurance while switching jobs, will you vote for it?
  6. If none of these provisions are in the Senate bill, what is? There must be something negative you don’t want the public to see.
  7. Do you support the strategy of keeping secrets from the people who employ you?

We deserve these answers and to have a say in the policy that impacts each and every one of us. As I mentioned above, Senator Hoeven likes to focus on jobs. Health care makes up a significant portion of our economy. Those who are employed in the field deserve to know what the plan is and how it might impact their career. All of us as consumers deserve to know what is in the plan and how it might impact our long-term health.

Tyler Axness