Representative Believes Answer to Workforce Shortage is Simple: Have More Babies

A persistent challenge facing both families and employers in North Dakota is the cost of childcare. When the cost is too great, families are forced to decide whether it is more cost effective for one of the parents to stay home and watch their child. As a result, families lose income and employers lose a worker.

Rep. Sebastian Ertelt

Rep. Pam Anderson offered a potential bipartisan solution in HB 1164. The proposal would create a corporate income tax credit to reimburse the cost of paying for “qualified childcare expenditures.” If families can afford childcare, they’ll continue to work. Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce President Andy Peterson spoke in support of the bill. That is when things got a little weird. Listen to the attempt of asking a question from newly elected Representative Sebastian Ertelt.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize for the audio sounding like it was captured from using two soup cans attached by a string. Hopefully, Technology Guru Governor Burgum can push advancements in the Capitol’s tech world and make it easier for citizens to follow their Legislator’s work.

We remove people from the home setting where babies are made. – Rep. Sebastian Ertelt

Poor Andy. Among the nervous laughter, he handled it like a champ. According to Rep. Ertelt, we don’t need incentives to help with the financial burden of childcare so both parents can afford work thus benefiting employers. No, the workforce issues can be resolved if more people simply skipped the eight-to-five, got a little more freaky in the home, and had more children. Who cares about that current workforce shortage, Ertelt has got the eighteen year plan locked down.

Welcome to the 2017 Legislative Assembly where our legislators think like it is 1950. Oh by the way, HB 1164 received a “Do Not Pass” recommendation from the House Finance and Tax committee along partisan lines.

UPDATE: The House defeated HB 1164 14-76.

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