PODCAST: Sally Boynton Brown Talks About Her Race for DNC Chair

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of visiting with Sally Boynton Brown. Sally is currently the Executive Director of the Democratic Party in Idaho. In December, she announced her candidacy to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Sally reached out to me after I published an Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee. In the letter, I challenged the DNC to begin talking with us and not just about us in rural America. Coming from a “red state” herself, she understood the sentiment and answered the challenge.

In the interview, Sally tells us why she is a Democrat and what her priorities are if she becomes Chair of the DNC. We touch on the challenges ahead and whether the DNC should just be a ‘Presidential Machine” or more of a service organization for Democrats across the country. Sally also has a message for those Democrats in rural America who are questioning whether or not to remain with the Party.

It is time for something bold, risky, and new. – Sally Boynton Brown

To learn more about Sally Boynton Brown, her candidacy, or to ask your own question visit her website wethednc.org.