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GOULD: Trump’s Dismal “Crisis Bump”

During times of crisis, it’s not uncommon for America to rally around its president and show the rest of the world why the United States is one of the strongest and most united countries in the world. From the first Gulf War to 9/11, most presidents have experienced a bump in their approval ratings as […]

GOULD: Kids Dealing with Trauma in the Heartland

As a young kid, I remember watching my grandmother delicately whisk her finger around the inside shell of an egg to ensure every speck made it into the bowl. I was fascinated. I had never seen anyone do that before. She told me about her experiences growing up after the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. […]

GOULD: Trump Thinks You Should Buy a Tractor With All That Extra Cash

The American economy has been President Trump’s shining example of how his administration is “making America great again.” Sure, the stock market might be doing well, unemployment is low, and President Trump somehow managed a “Phase One” trade deal with China, but what does that mean for American farmers?  Well, the president seems to think that means farmers should buy “bigger tractors” and “more […]