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Governor Burgum Supports New Tax on Senior Citizens

Tonight a press release went out from Governor Burgum’s office detailing his budget proposals. The Governor’s plan comes at the beginning of the third legislative week. The announcement states Burgum, “presented legislative leaders Monday with an executive budget proposal that recommends additional cuts and realigns spending priorities to spur innovation, creativity and the reinvention of […]

The State of the Judiciary Address None of Us Heard

Another break in tradition marked the beginning of the 65th Legislative Session. Rather than the Honorable Chief Justice Gerald Vandewalle addressing a joint session of the House and Senate in front of the public, the “State of the Judiciary” was placed in a nine-page document left on legislators’ desks. When Legislative Management chose to cancel […]

Is North Dakota Looking to Tax Senior Citizens for Nursing Homes?

We have all heard the budget situation in North Dakota has slumped over the past couple of years. Our state’s Constitution requires a balanced budget. Across-the-board budget cuts, positions going unfilled, and pulling back certain services have taken place. Governor Burgum and the Legislature have declared they will balance the budget, “with no new taxes!” But, […]

Who is Hiding What?

Throughout the morning, North Dakota’s lone Congressman Kevin Cramer was stumbling, mumbling, and bumbling over his words when trying to convince the public last night’s surprise vote by Congressional Republicans to “gut the independent ethics office” was a good move. Cramer did not hide the fact he supported the move during the voice vote. We […]