It is a simple question. Does Joe Biden’s decision to have U.S. Senator Kamala Harris impact your vote this election? In this election, with two Presidential candidates in their mid to late 70s, the decision may carry more weight for voters.

I ask the questions as someone who has been skeptical in the past that these decisions really move the needle. But earlier in the process this year, republican voters I spoke with said if Biden were to pick Senator Amy Klobuchar as his running mate they’d consider voting for Biden. Then, I’m reminded of Sarah Palin. The VP choice does matter.

Donald Trump is 74. As of now, his VP continues to be Mike Pence. Although rumors have run rampant about Nikki Haley taking that spot it is doubtful that would happen. Joe Biden will 78 by the time he is sworn into office if he wins this election. Though it is cliche, these two really do need someone ready to go on day one heaven forbid anything would happen.

It would be tough to argue Harris wouldn’t be ready on day one. She represents the largest state in the Senate where she serves on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees. She knows the threats to our country abroad and at home. Harris is also the former Attorney General of California. Her resume holds up.

But let’s be real. It won’t matter in ND. Recent polling I’ve seen in ND does show support for Donald Trump slipping on the eastern side of the state. Even so, ND will remain solidly red on the Presidential scale. Perhaps the margin of victory will slightly shrink.

Those same republicans who told me earlier if Biden picked Klobuchar they’d consider crossing over? They declared yesterday they “had” to vote for Trump now because of Harris. I suspect they were going to find any reason to come back home anyway.

How many people are really undecided on who they’re voting for when it comes to President at this point? That group is dwindling by the day. Let NDx know if this decision pushed you one way or another.