LISTEN: What Exactly is the Conflict of Interest?

Following North Dakota Auditor Josh Gallion’s audit on the Department of Commerce where he alleges the agency broke the law, I asked: “now what?” The Department of Commerce maintained they had done nothing wrong and a spokesperson for the Auditor said there was “no remedy.” ND xPlains suggested there is a role of the Attorney General and that Gallion should pursue that avenue. Turns out he did but now Stenehjem wants to pass the work onto South Dakota.

According to reports, Stenehjem wants an investigator from South Dakota’s Bureau of Investigation to assist. In a statement, Stenehjem said he wants an “independent third-party investigator” who has “no personal knowledge of the agency or employees that are the subject of the audit.” I’m curious what North Dakotans think about this.

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The request by Stenehjem seems to suggest he doesn’t believe he can be unbiased in his role at Attorney General. Has his tenure in office created an environment that he doesn’t feel he can fulfill his duties without outside assistance? What exactly is the conflict of interest? That he holds a grudge against Doug Burgum for taking the Governor’s office from him? Stenehjem’s job at this moment is not political. Gallion has done his job, perhaps he should make the request of Stenehjem.

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