Cramer Will Support “Unnecessary” Emergency Declaration

On Friday, Senator Kevin Cramer said he had “concerns” about the “unnecessary” national emergency declaration from President Trump regarding the border wall. On Monday, Cramer told Fox Business he happens to “like the policy” and would vote against the resolution to block Trump’s emergency declaration that will likely pass the Senate. Loyalty to Trump above principle and consistency.

I plan to vote on it. How I’m going to vote I haven’t decided for sure yet,” Cramer told Reason at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “I have concerns about it as well,” he added, referring to Trump’s emergency declaration. “I frankly think it’s unnecessary, but we’ll see.”

Compare his Friday remarks to what Cramer told Fox Business three short days later. “I happen to like the policy.” He tweeted the segment while declaring he would vote against the resolution to block Trump’s declaration. Cramer went on to explain that other GOP Senators will likely join Rand Paul in voting to block Trump’s declaration, but he thinks some of those Senators will not vote for a veto override. To which I ask again, “what is the point?”

The fact that Cramer would flip-flop in a matter of three days likely surprises nobody. He joined Senator John Hoeven who did a turnabout on abuse of executive authority shortly after Trump declared an emergency. Rep. Kelly Armstrong also gave his blessing while other Upper Midwest Republicans like South Dakota’s Rep. Dusty Johnson voted based on principle. North Dakota’s delegation, what a profile in courage.

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