Days After Claiming Responsibility for Medical Marijuana, Carlson Allies Attack His Opponents for Supporting Medical Marijuana

Days after launching a campaign ad attempting to claim responsibility for medical marijuana, Al Carlson’s allies are attacking his opponents for supporting medical marijuana. Voters in District 41 received mailers stating Carlson’s opponent, Pam Anderson, “won’t protect our communities” because “Anderson voted to legalize medical marijuana in North Dakota.” Does Carlson stand by his campaign ad or his allies? The two positions completely contradict each other.

The District 41 mailer is paid for by the “Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota.” The organization has every right to share their views. In their mail piece, they attacked Pam Anderson and Brandon Medenwald and told people to vote for Al Carlson and Michelle Strinden. However, the Family Policy Alliance should at least attempt consistency. Since Carlson is claiming medical marijuana legislation to be his doing, we should expect the Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota to denounce Carlson as well. Right?

Political mailer in District 41 paid for by Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota




In his campaign ad launched three days ago, Carlson tried to take credit for the medical marijuana. In the radio spot, Carlson criticized his opponent Pam Anderson for saying she introduced medical marijuana. His ad goes on to make the claim it was Carlson who introduced the program. What Carlson’s bill did was delay medical marijuana for more than two years after voters overwhelmingly approved it at the ballot.

If Al Carlson truly feels as strongly about his efforts to legalize medical marijuana in North Dakota as his political ad would have you believe, he should come out and set the record straight. Here is the thing, medical marijuana is something Carlson voted against and then delayed for those who voted for it themselves. People see through his political spin. This attack ad by his allies simply makes his campaign claim from Monday sound even more ridiculous on Thursday.