Cramer Campaign Appears to Struggle in Affording Advertisements

Labor Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of the fall campaign. Candidates tend to kick into a higher gear as vacations come to a close and children are back in school. If you live in North Dakota you’ve been witness to an onslaught of advertising dating back months in the U.S. Senate race. We expect that pace won’t slow down unless there is an issue within one of the campaigns. That may be the case with Kevin Cramer’s campaign.

Television media buys fall under network, satellite, and cable. Network television is channels ABC, NBC, CBS. Cable and satellite television would be the other channels on the guide. The Cramer campaign has stopped running ads on cable television and he doesn’t have any satellite buys. At the time efforts should be revving up, it appears Cramer is tapping the brakes. The obvious question is why?

Cramer has publicly admitted to having money problems with his campaign. He has also stated he cannot run as many ads as he would like because he can’t afford to. Heitkamp has the fundraising and cash-on-hand advantage. Is the cash-flow so bad Cramer has already had to dial back his media buys? If so, it is a bad place to be heading into the final stretch of this highly contested race. It is also likely why they asked President Trump to come back and hold a private fundraiser.

Tyler Axness