24 Hours After Fargo Rally, Trump Invited Heitkamp to the White House to Discuss Issues

Twenty-four hours after President Trump stopped in Fargo to deliver a campaign speech for Congressman Kevin Cramer, he invited Cramer’s opponent Senator Heidi Heitkamp to the White House to discuss issues and receive her input. The invitation demonstrates the working relationship between the White House and moderate Senate Democrats like Heitkamp isn’t simply thrown out overnight because of election-year political speeches. How will this be received from Kevin Cramer?

It is no secret Cramer has spent weeks complaining to White House staff about Trump’s willingness to work with, and seek advice from Heitkamp. Last night, Cramer finally got his demand for recognition. For the President to turn around a day after delivering a speech on Cramer’s behalf, and work with his opponent yet again surely won’t sit well. Will Marc Short, Director of Legislative Affairs at the White House, be receiving another phone call from Cramer?

The main topic for today’s White House invitation reportedly was to discuss the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Earlier today, I wrote about that consequential decision and how it may play into the midterm election. During his speech last night, Trump said Heitkamp would likely have to be a “No” on his pick. He neglected to mention to the crowd Heitkamp had already voted in favor of his previous pick, Neil Gorsuch. Maybe something over the past twenty-four hours reminded him of that fact.

It has been noted since last night’s speech how Trump didn’t go after Heitkamp like he has other Democratic candidates. In fact, today some Republican voters acknowledged they can tell Trump personally likes Heitkamp. I guess Cramer wasn’t wrong when he said in a campaign ad, “We all like Heidi.”

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