“Low Bars are Easy to Step Over”

The low voter turnout on Tuesday’s Primary left a lot of people asking why aren’t people voting. Less than 20% of eligible voters cast a ballot. That is incredibly disappointing. Yet, Kevin Cramer’s campaign found a way to rejoice. To do so, they used a low standard for comparison.

In a tweet about this year’s voter turnout, Cramer’s campaign said, “these numbers exceeded all expectations.” Sure he had a bump since the last midterm primary election in 2014. But there is more to that to consider. Below is the tweet from Cramer.

According to KFGO News, this year’s primary turnout was the third worst in the last ten June elections. 114,340 North Dakotans voted this year. It is better than only two other years. The worst year for voter participation in the last ten June elections? 2014. The election Cramer chose as their standard.

The most anemic turnout in the past 10 June elections was during the 2014 primary, when 17 percent of eligible North Dakotans voted. – KFGO News

Putting a positive political spin on a vote where less than 20% of eligible voters participated is something. To pull that off, they needed to compare it to an election where just 93,624 or 17% of eligible voters participated. Enthusiasm was high for the lackluster number of voters that turned out. Still, Democrats will need to make strides from now to November.

Days ago, when Americans for Prosperity bought ads thanking Heidi Heitkamp for her work on the banking bill, Cramer claimed the bill was “modest” and that AFP should “aim higher.” He concluded that “low bars are easy to step over.” By picking the worst election for voter turnout as their benchmark, Cramer’s campaign chose the low bar to step over. They need to aim higher.

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