Conservative Group Launches Ad Thanking Heitkamp for Accomplishments

In a surprising release today, Americans for Prosperity released an online ad thanking Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp for co-sponsoring the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act. The bill, commonly referred to as the banking bill was signed by President Trump at a ceremony last week. Heitkamp was the only Democrat invited to the White House.

Americans for Prosperity is funded by the conservative Koch Brothers. Because they don’t typically issue a message of thanks to Democrats this public display of appreciation is all the more notable. In fact, just a few months ago, Americans for Prosperity spent money in North Dakota against Heitkamp.

Digital ad paid for by Americans for Prosperity

Without question, the public appreciation has struck a nerve with Kevin Cramer. He has had a pretty rough week watching elected Republicans from the President on down show respect and gratitude for his opponent’s ability to get the job done. Now a conservative politically active group is saying “thank you.” His response to today’s news shows his frustration.

Cramer told CNBC the banking bill was a, “pretty modest victory compared to the over 40 banking bills the House passed or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act she voted against. Low bars are easy to step over.” Sound bitter? Tell North Dakota banks and lenders the reform package was simply “modest.” If it was such a low bar, why did Cramer rush to attend the bill signing ceremony and stand in the back of the room while President Trump thanked Heitkamp for the bill she helped write? Maybe he could ask White House legislative director Marc Short –whom Cramer complained about this week – why Trump held a ceremony for a bill Cramer doesn’t believe was a big deal.

I’ve said it before, accomplishments get you shout-outs and photos to commemorate the job done. That’s why Heitkamp was invited to the White House last week. That’s why Heitkamp was thanked by a conservative group this week.