Turn Anger into Congressional Action on Net Neutrality Decision

The public anger over the FCC’s vote on Net Neutrality I believe is warranted. I haven’t seen such passion in the comments on my radio show “Afternoons Live” on KFGO 790 AM like I did following the decision. People were angry not only about the vote and its implications on the internet, but also at politicians who are providing political cover for the change.

Throughout the debate, both sides have attempted to claim the same outcome from their positions. It cannot be both ways. Only one side can rightfully claim their position will keep information and services flowing freely and neutrally on the internet. That side belongs to those who supported keeping Net Neutrality in place.

Politicians who supported the end of Net Neutrality, including Congressman Kevin Cramer, are either confused or are purposefully misleading the public. Cramer claims this change will “restore internet freedom” by returning us to the “framework created by Congress and the Clinton Administration.” The reality is, the 2015 rule – Net Neutrality – created under President Obama codified that very framework of internet freedom and was needed to prevent internet service providers from meddling in access to information and services. Ending the rules can very well have the opposite effect of what Cramer claims.

Listen to my conversation with business owner Brandon Medenwald on FCC’s Net Neutrality decision. He joined me on KFGO:


I understand the anger I saw yesterday. But you cannot just be angry. You can still do something about it. Contact your federal delegation. There is time to overturn this ruling. The outrage isn’t partisan politics. A recent poll showed approximately 83% of Americans opposed the end of Net Neutrality. I’d suggest calling them to voice your opinion. If they aren’t on your side, there is an election coming up in 2018.

Here are their local office contacts:

Congressman Kevin Cramer: (701) 356-2216
Senator John Hoeven: (701) 239-5389
Senator Heidi Heitkamp: (701) 232-8030

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