Heitkamp Raised over $1 Million in the Third Quarter. Almost $4 Million Cash on Hand

According to a spokesperson, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp raised $1,038,434.65 and now has $3,760,739.79 cash on hand. This continues Heitkamp’s streak of out-raising any North Dakota U.S. Senate candidate during an off year. In fact, she raised almost twice as much as any other North Dakota U.S. Senate candidate in the third quarter of an off year before the election year. Coupled with high rankings in polls and national figures placing the race as “lean Democrat” she holds a strong position heading into the 2018 election year.

The Heitkamp campaign highlighted she’s received approximately four thousand individual contributions from North Dakotans. Heitkamp’s spokesperson Sean Higgins said, “Once again, Sen. Heitkamp is breaking records in North Dakota and we greatly appreciate the support. It just reinforces all of the critical work Sen. Heitkamp is doing every day to fight for North Dakota workers and families in the U.S. Senate.”

It is without a doubt the race for the U.S. Senate will be the most expensive in North Dakota history. Heitkamp’s ability to raise money while continuing to prove her effectiveness in the Senate will be necessary. Recently, she was ranked in the top ten for most effective Senators according to The Center for Effective Lawmaking. The combination of high rankings from non-partisan organizations, President Trump saying Heitkamp is a “good woman” during his trip to North Dakota, and the ability to raise millions of dollars in an off year is a good way to build momentum.

Tyler Axness