UPDATE: No Response Sent to Trump Voter Commission


Two hours after I published my article saying the Secretary of State was refusing to publicly answer whether or not they decided to send your information to President Trump’s voting commission, the office responded to my requests. I doubt that was a simple coincidence. Here is the response I received from the Elections Director:

We have not yet responded to the request from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.  When we do, we will provide you with a copy of that response.

They have not yet “responded” to the request from the commission. It does not say they haven’t “decided” how they’ll respond. There is a possibility they may not respond to the data request at all. That would be a rejection and quite frankly a desirable outcome. However, the public still deserves to know if that is what transpires.

If you contacted the SOS and pressured them to be more public in their work, thank you. I will keep on top of this until we get a firm answer on whether your information was sent to the commission or if the SOS rejects the request.