Cramer’s Fundraising Drops in Second Quarter Raising Only $226,274

Congressman Kevin Cramer’s fundraising in 2017 has slowed according to his second quarter report. Cramer’s FEC filing indicated he raised $226,274.51 in quarter two leaving him with $784,021.58 cash on hand. This is down from the first quarter when he raised $322,390.30.

Many people have considered Congressman Kevin Cramer as the top contender against Senator Heidi Heitkamp who raised $1.3 million in this reporting period. However, “cringe worthy” gaffes have given the national Republicans pause when it comes to Cramer’s potential senatorial support. In the state, Republicans have begun to publicly court other possible candidates. Perhaps his repeated off base comments have also led to people’s hesitation with their checkbooks.

This drop in fundraising from quarter one is counter to what Cramer indicated would happen. After the first report, Cramer suggested he wouldn’t have much difficulty raising money specifically if he chose to enter the Senate race. He has not made his intentions clear for what office he’ll seek in 2018 other than he fully intends to be on the ballot. In other words, the need to raise money for 2018 hasn’t slipped from his sight.

Regardless of which office Cramer decides to chase, he cannot feel too rosy about his fundraising results. He has not hidden his desire to remain in Washington. You may recall, a poll was going around North Dakota in June which recipients state was clearly meant to build up Cramer. We have not heard anything on the results of that poll. Perhaps his poll numbers were down like his fundraising, thus the desire to keep it secret. Unfortunately for Cramer, fundraising numbers are required to be public by law.

Tyler Axness