Congressman Cramer Demonstrates the need for an Independent Investigation Removed from Partisan Politics

It is past time to remove partisan politics from investigations involving Russia and last year’s election. We’ve called on that for months on our Facebook page. The questionable timing of FBI Director James Comey’s firing now demands it. The unexpected removal has seen push back of all kinds. Some demanding truth. Others more partisan in nature. To me, the most troubling push back has been partisan.

Republicans have been delighted to point out Democrats have flipped their thoughts when it comes to Comey. Some of that criticism is justified, but shouldn’t be painted with as broad a brush. Often that criticism has simply dismissed the current role the FBI had in an ongoing investigation. Here is the thing, it isn’t just Democrats who have flipped on Comey. Republicans have changed their stance also. Case in point, here is how Congressman Kevin Cramer characterized the FBI Director last November. In an interview, Cramer told Chris Berg on 630 POV:

…Mr. Comey, as we’ve heard all along is a man of great integrity. – Congressman Kevin Cramer (Nov. 1st, 2016)

Now, the “man of great integrity” was fired and Congressman Cramer has cheered the move by President Trump. Cramer went on to say in that interview, “…the FBI needs to continue its investigation. The House committee oversight needs to launch an investigation and start hearings. I would suspect the judiciary committee. But if the oversight committee would take it on and I expect they would, that could go on with an FBI investigation and Justice Department investigation as well. The biggest thing we’ve to do is exercise our oversight of the committee and other agencies, including DOJ, because they’ve proven to be a very partisan agency.

The difference is it was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump; Loretta Lynch, not Jeff Sessions; an email server, not election interference he was talking about. Now, because the subject of the investigation is Donald Trump and what role, if any, Russia may have played in last year’s election, Cramer finds calls for continued investigation removed from a “partisan agency” as “laughable in a pathetic way.”

Therein lies why we need an independent investigation removed from partisan politics. Congress is full of people like Kevin Cramer whose position tumbles in the winds of political change. There are people in both political parties that participate in this despicable shift in position for partisan purposes. The American people deserve better than that. They deserve to find the truth.

This investigation is about finding exactly how a foreign power may have interjected itself in our democratic process. It is about finding out who, if anyone, played a role. It is about preserving the integrity of our domestic systems and democracy. It is bigger than Republicans and Democrats. Why be afraid of an independent commission? Why dismiss it as “laughable” or a conspiracy as Cramer has done? If there is nothing, then let the evidence presented in a credible, independent, investigation removed from politics, prove it.

Tyler Axness
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