The Saga of Congressman Cramer’s “White Pantsuit” Debacle Continues

The saga of Congressman Kevin Cramer’s “white pantsuit” debacle just won’t go away. Friday, Cramer again doubled down on his original comments in a Politico interview. Over the weekend, his apologists and political cheerleaders insisted nobody cared about his remarks. Today, his wife Kris Cramer, who is also a paid staff member (see line 5), made even more public statements defending his criticism of Democratic women’s outfits during President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress. Apologists like to complain about Democrats pointing out Cramer’s demeaning comments. Has it escaped them it is their team that won’t stop talking about it?

Donald Trump & Kevin Cramer

Rep. Cramer preaches it wasn’t the women’s wardrobe he meant to reference as being ugly. Instead, he told Politico:

“What was ugly was their demonstration, their rudeness, their…all sit together and make vulgar — or make inappropriate hand gestures to the president of the United States while he’s delivering a message to the joint session of Congress.” – Rep. Kevin Cramer

I’m curious what Cramer thought about “vulgar” comments regarding “inappropriate hand gestures” made by then candidate Donald Trump when he boasted about sexually assaulting women? Why wasn’t that “rudeness” subject to talk radio comments followed by numerous media appearances to defend his position?

It is telling how nobody of important political stature has come to defend Cramer’s comments. Perhaps what he and his wife perceived as “ugly” behavior wasn’t all they’re making it out to be? Neither Senator Hoeven nor Senator Heitkamp wanted to touch this subject. The question becomes, why keep bringing it up? My guess is either to remain in President Trump’s view as an unquestioning loyalist after being passed over for a cabinet position, or to distract North Dakota voters from his secret activities when it comes to replacing Obamacare.  

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