Kevin Cramer Dishes Out Fashion Advice for Democratic Women

Last night President Trump held his first joint session of Congress. Many people have given his speech high marks because he sounded Presidential for the first time. Some pundits appreciated his demeanor while others critiqued his substance. Meanwhile, North Dakota’s Congressman Kevin Cramer, was busy critiquing Democratic women’s fashion sense.

Democratic members of Congress who are women wore white to make a statement of solidarity with women’s rights. This visual statement didn’t sit well with Cramer whose apparent alter ego is that of a Vogue Magazine fashion critic. Today during one of his “town-hall-in-name-only” radio shows, he had to let it off his chest. Thankfully someone from Politico was listening and heard Cramer say this about the women, his elected colleagues, who were dressed in white:

But by the way, did you notice how poorly several of them were dressed as well? It is a syndrome. There is no question, there is a disease associated with the notion that a bunch of women would wear bad-looking white pantsuits in solidarity with Hillary Clinton to celebrate her loss. You cannot get that weird.

– Congressman Kevin Cramer

Donald Trump & Kevin Cramer

To people like Kevin Cramer, “there is a disease associated” with women standing up for themselves and each other. This leaves no doubt Cramer belongs to the same knuckle-dragging group of lawmakers we see in the North Dakota Legislature. Their level of disrespect and arrogance towards women is appalling. No wonder he gravitated toward and threw his support behind candidate Donald Trump so early. Perhaps he saw a little bit of himself in Trump’s past demeanor toward women.

Rather than making up non-existent diseases, Cramer should get busy working on how to make sure real Americans have health insurance that covers real diseases. Those 60 symbolic votes (as Cramer has now admitted they were only symbolic) to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan were a “syndrome” of people like Cramer and his ilk putting partisan politics above public policy for electoral purposes.